Confirmation Verses

Here are the banners our Confirmands made to represent their favorite Bible Verses:



Two new Confirmands, a Baptism, and one Called Teacher!  Many blessings on June 5th!


Creation Care

We were recently blessed to have Dr. Charles Arand from St. Louis Seminary with us last Saturday, for a presentation on Creation.  Some thoughts from his lecture were:

Read the Bible outside!  Especially the Old Testament, where there are so many references to animals and nature.

Consider the reality of the Creator and the Creature.  We are His creatures, living together with all of his creatures.  Knowing who the Creator is makes all the difference in our wonder at the beauty and marvels we see around us.

Include Creation in the story of salvation. Heaven includes the New Creation.

We are living in the dawn of the  New Creation … right now, since Christ came into the world, he created faith in our hearts, and Jesus is with us.

God sustains all of life, all of creation, all of the time.

Virtual Handbells

In choir rehearsal, “virtual ensembles” came up in the conversation.  Here is one example! It’s an interesting presentation of groups and individuals…some in black light, some in shadow, some in costumes(!) and some on outside location.  The music is pretty different – notice the new rim technique – stay tuned at least until the hand chime melody comes in!  🙂

James Meredith’s Mysterium


We are thankful we’ve been able to have worship services at the preaching station in Creede this summer.  For those of you who haven’t been there, here are views of St. Augustine’s, which is where we meet.